Capital of Dracul

Bran District is the Capitol of the Commonwealth of Dracul, located in between the states of North and South Dracul. Bran District was once the capitol of North Dracul, but in July of 2020, the National Parliament found it was best and mostly fair for Bran to become similar to Washington DC. Since most of the resources were aimed at the capitol of Dracul, North Dracul received more benefits than South Dracul. Citizens of Bran District now have voting rights. The district is under the direction of the City Council.

Northern Perfection

North Dracul is located on the North side of Dracul, which formerly housed the Capitol building, now a pond, wooded area, and walking trails. Its known to many as the most beautiful part of Dracul. Currently, there is only one county; Transylvania County. The Representatives and State Senators are always responsible for representing this state and provide to the citizens of the area. From February of 2018 to July 5, 2020, the City of Bran was the capitol to both North Dracul and the nation. Parliament passed Senate Bill 019, turning Bran into Bran District, similar to Washington DC. The state dissolved Governor in 2021 and is under the direction of the State Legislature.

Gateway to Dracul

South Dracul is located on the South side of Dracul, which is where the border gates between the United States and Dracul lie. Currently, there is only one county; Wallachia County. This state includes the Lacrosse fields and entrance to the labyrinth. There is a nearby playground for children, along with picnic tables and restrooms for the community. The Representatives and State Senators take pride in representing this state. In 2021, the state closed the Governor role and appointed the State Legislature in charge.

Service over Self

The Territory of Breco is a territory of the Commonwealth of Dracul introduced by Connor Modena and Scott Jeanes. Breco shares a culture and sees Dracul as its “Mother” country. Breco annexed the former territory of Arcadia designating it as Porta Oblast and the Territorial Capital. Breco is home to the Brecovitch Bratva which holds much of the military and political seats of the territory. Breco is a landlocked territory surrounded on all sides by the State of Louisiana and California. Contrary to the symbols and uniforms of the territory, Breco is not communist but in fact a military governance where all facets of political office and defense are manned by military personnel and Veterans. The government functions as a military unit with some leniency in order to fulfill diplomatic and legislative tasks.