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Draculian Government Services and Information

Have a question about Dracul? Learn where to find answers to the most requested facts about the Commonwealth of Dracul.

Learn the steps to start a small business, get help from the government, and more.

Discover what the Draculian Military has to offer, along with its educational institution, Prezan Military Academy.

Interested in who we formally recognize? Interested in establishing trade or relations? Learn more here.

Citizens have the freedom to choose their candidates of choice, which is why registering to vote is crucial.

Interested in joining our online community section? Join our discord today to chat with the common Draculian and ally.

Upcoming Holidays & Events


Founder's Day

All Day Celebration

MAR 14

Stephen Hawking Memorial Day

All Day Celebration

MAR 17

Saint Patrick's Day

All Day Celebration

Nation of Vlad the Impaler

Dracul was named and founded after Vlad III of Romania, due to the founders of Dracul having Romanian Heritage. Vlad is a hero in Romanian culture and protected Wallachia against invasions. Today, Dracul memorializes him for his efforts in ancient day Romania's defense. Join a community aimed at preserving his history.

A Professional Micronation

Dracul strives to be one of the most professional micronations within the micronational community. We do this by holding our government employees to high standards and professionalism.


We work together to accomplish the yearly goals of the nation, even if it means stepping outside our primary duties to assist another employee or department in need. If you like a dedicated team, Dracul is for you!


Draculians who show true dedication and patriotism to the Commonwealth are eligible to receive awards and specific types of promotions. Certificates, ribbons, and medals are just some of the awards.